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Sadly, Barefoot Babies is now closed. We will miss offering you great in-person service and expertise in cloth diapering and babywearing, and our awesome selection of baby & children’s gifts.

We would love it if you would support other local, small businesses instead - boost your local economy, support real people in your own community, reduce your carbon footprint AND find great quality, interesting items! win-win-win!

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Ways to Connect and Find Support for Hamilton Parents - updated August 2023

The thing we miss the most about Barefoot Babies is our Community Space. We loved hosting our community in a comfortable, accessible, safe space; a place that was easy to bring your kids and to be yourself, even if that meant being sad and messy (because let’s face it — parenting is sad and messy some days!)

We loved seeing friendships develop and people support each other, sharing advice and solidarity over tea and cookies from down the street (shout out to Dora’s Delicatessen and The Hearty Hooligan!)

Thankfully our space is far from the only place where this kind of magic community-building is happening. Here are some places where you can find connection and support in Hamilton!

Hamilton Moms:

A grassroots group started by Hamilton moms, Lizzie & Renee, who organize walks in Gage Park, drop-in socials like story time, and events like clothing swaps! Check them out on social media to find out where they are meeting up next!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hamilton.moms/

Facebook (request to join the group!): https://m.facebook.com/groups/575877117853683/?ref=share&mibextid=S66gvF

Hamilton Babywearing Hikes:

Another grassroots group started by another Hamiltonian, Juliana, whose passion for hiking led her to organize spontaneous open invite hikes for parents with babes-in-carriers! Check out the Facebook group for the next event (request to join the group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/227012913345281

Hamilton Postpartum:

A peer support group and mental health resources facilitated by registered midwife and mom, Christine. Check out when the next meeting is, and what other postpartum resources are available here: https://www.hamiltonpostpartum.ca/

La Leche League Hamilton Chapter:

La Leche League has been offering free breastfeeding support internationally for decades. The Hamilton chapter hosts monthly free drop-ins covering various topics. Check them out here for more info on how to get connected: https://www.lllc.ca/hamilton

Healthy Families Hamilton:

Follow this resource hub from City of Hamilton Public Health about their free programs and events for families! https://www.facebook.com/HealthyFamiliesHamilton/

EarlyON centres:

If you haven’t been to a free EarlyON program yet, you will be amazed by this completely free drop-in program! With locations all around the city, providing ECE-led activities, social time, and snacks for caregivers and kids aged 0-6. Find one near you and enjoy meeting other parents from your neighbourhood! https://www.hamilton.ca/people-programs/early-years-child-care/early-years-services/earlyon-child-and-family-centres

Queer Family Drop-in:

We are thrilled to share the news that Queer Family Drop-In is resuming in our old home (which Jo @move.room.hamont has lovingly refurbished and refreshed — go check it out and sign up for a movement class!)

Lara is also a fantastic support for parents, both pre- and post-natal — check out all she has to offer, and follow along on their social media:

Website: https://hypnobirthinghamilton.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hypnobirthinghamilton/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hypnobirthinghamilton

Rivers & Meadows:

Neighbouring our old storefront is Rivers & Meadows, an incredible hub of creativity and community for Hamilton families! They host events and groups that encourage creative exploration for all ages. Check out their next classes, or pop into their storefront to shop their curated selection of creative kids’ gifts! https://www.riversandmeadows.com/

The Cloth Consultant:

If you shopped with us over the last several years, you’ve likely met Jen (Miss Jen of Barefoot Parenting Storytime fame!) She knew our closure was going to leave a big gap in cloth diapering support for Hamilton parents, so she started up her own project. You can contact her for cloth diapering consultations, support, repairs and rental kits!

Follow along and connect with her on social media:

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theclothconsultant/

- Facebook (request to join the group!): https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamiltonbuyselltrade/

Allie Witek, Infant, Early Child & Family Support Services:

Allie is an Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist & Perinatal Mental Health Professional who provides knowledge, support, and freedom to families of children aged 0-6. Check out her list of services if you are looking for professional support with your mental health, your child’s development, parenting and family dynamics, and more!

Website: https://alliewitek.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supportbyallie/


We would love it if you would support other local, small businesses instead - boost your local economy, support real people in your own community, reduce your carbon footprint AND find great quality, interesting items! win-win-win!

So, we made a list to get you started. Maybe you came here looking for one of our more popular items? Well, the list below can tell you where else in Hamilton you can find many of them (as of August 2023; please call ahead and check in with these stores for their current available stock!)

Cloth Diapers: It’s hard to find these sold locally anymore, and online stores don’t offer the hands-on help and expertise that is needed to support you on your journey. If you are interested in cloth diapering, or are using them already and have questions, we highly recommend you connect with The Cloth Consultant, Jen — you may have met her at Barefoot Babies in her 12 years on the staff team!

Find her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theclothconsultant/

Or connect via her Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamiltonbuyselltrade/

Baby Carriers: It’s getting harder to find hands-on help with babywearing, but it really is much better with a village supporting you!

Here are some Canadian companies that sell great carriers:

Chimparoo: https://chimparoo.ca/en

Heritage Baby Designs: https://www.heritagebaby.ca/

Little Zen One: https://www.littlezenone.ca/

SewFunky: https://www.sewfunky.ca/

Here are some online resources for safe & comfortable baby wearing:

Plastic-Free / Low Waste Essentials:

Unique & high quality baby gifts:

Unique & high quality children’s gifts:

Here’s a list of some of our bestsellers and favourite products, and where they are available in Hamilton (as of August 2023; please call ahead and check in with these stores to confirm their current available stock!)

Activity books & art supplies: King West Books / Mixed Media, Rivers & Meadows, Citizen Kid, Parkette, Epic Books

Amber necklaces: Mrs. Greenway

Anointment Natural Skin Care: Pale Blue Dot, Simply Zen, or order direct from Anointment

Baby clothes: Piper’s Closet, Parkette, Mrs. Greenway, Simply Zen, Citizen Kid, Girl on the Wing, Empire Make Space

Baby Paper: Mrs. Greenway

Bamboo tooth brushes: Simply Zen, Mrs. Greenway, Pale Blue Dot

Barefoot Books: Mrs. Greenway

Beeswax wraps: Pale Blue Dot, Mrs. Greenway

BIBS pacifiers: Citizen Kid, Piper’s Closet, Mrs. Greenway

Board Books & Kids’ Books: A great selection can be found at the following places (the book stores can also order in almost any title you might be looking for, so ask them if you can’t find what you’re looking for!)

The City & The City Books, Epic Books, King West Books, Citizen Kid, Mrs. Greenway, Parkette, Simply Zen

Board Games for littles: Mancala Monk, Citizen Kid, Parkette, Mrs. Greenway

Bonnets: The Red Bow Tie, Girl on the Wing

BunchaFarmers Stain Remover Stick: Pale Blue Dot, Mrs. Greenway

Car seats/strollers/nursery furniture: not items we stocked, but we always sent people to Baby World of Stoney Creek for these!

Colibri snack bags & wet bags: Mrs. Greenway

Eucalan delicates wash: sariKNOTsari

ezpz silicone tableware: Mrs. Greenway

Folkmanis puppets: Citizen Kid, Mrs. Greenway

Fridababy products (NoseFrida etc): Mrs. Greenway

Green Beaver toothpaste & skin care: Mrs. Greenway

Happy Hippo mini bath bombs: Mrs. Greenway

Hoppa fairtrade bonding dolls and bunnies: Citizen Kid

Indestructibles baby books: The City & the City Books, Epic Books

Jack n Jill xylitol toothpaste: Mrs. Greenway

Jan & Jul sun hats: Mrs. Greenway

Ketzel Baby organic hooded towels: Citizen Kid, Branch Design, or direct from Ketzel Baby

Klean Kanteen: Mrs. Greenway

Lifefactory glass bottles: Simply Zen

Londji puzzles & games: Citizen Kid

Maternity clothes & essentials: The Belly Boutique

MontiiCo lunch bags: Mrs. Greenway

Moulin Roty toys: Citizen Kid

Mudpuppy puzzles & toys: Citizen Kid, Parkette, Mrs. Greenway, King West Books

Natursutten rubber pacifiers: Pale Blue Dot

Nooks booties: Mrs. Greenway

nouka silicone bibs/dishes/toys: Piper’s Closet, Citizen Kid

Oko Creations cloth pads: Pale Blue Dot, Mrs. Greenway

Padraig wool slippers: Citizen Kid

Pebble fairtrade crocheted toys: Citizen Kid

Petit Collage toys/games: Mrs. Greenway

Piggy Paint: Citizen Kid, Mrs. Greenway

Quut beach toys: Citizen Kid

RePlay recycled plastic tableware: Mrs. Greenway

Soak delicates wash: Handknit Yarn Studio

Vilac toys: Citizen Kid, Parkette

Wooden toys (like Grimm’s): Citizen Kid, Mrs. Greenway, Parkette, Pale Blue Dot

Yumbox Presto (stainless steel bento box): Mrs. Greenway

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